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Story 1: Chabota

BFZ’s sponsorship programme has helped change the lives of many children and their families. It has meant that children like Chabota can concentrate on school and has alleviated some of the worries faced by their caregivers.   In 2015, Chabota was nine years old and about to start grade 4 in her village school. Chabota loved learning and happily got up […]

Story 2: Clara the Hero Project Assistant  

“A story of loss and resilience, Clara used her own grief and struggles to support the founding of BFZ and ensure the continued evolution of our projects.”   From the beginning, there was Clara − a tireless advocate for the children, who has worked relentlessly to support and steer BFZ to achieve the greatest impact. Clara assists with a network of community groups who have joined forces […]

Story 3: Makangala Pre-School

“Access to education is at the heart of our charity and is the key to ensuring children have a brighter future.”  In April 2019, we officially opened the Makangala Pre-School. The school has been a great success and now provides vital early education to 80 children. This would not have been possible without your donations and without the support of everyone […]

Story 4: Demetria the Star Crafter

“Made under African skies, BFZ stars are handcrafted from traditional citenge fabric by our community group members, each one is unique and beautiful.”   BFZ offers small start-up grants, allowing community members to buy the materials to craft the stars, and then buys the finished stars from the women at a fair price. The stars are easy to transport and now decorate many a Christmas […]

Story 5: The Good Goat

“A story of success and sustainability, The Good Goat project has provided female goats to over 100 households and is still going strong.”  In July 2013, BFZ raised £1,611 in 30 days to initiate The Good Goat project. This seed funding launched a valuable community project which continues to thrive today. As more goats are […]

Story 6: Clementina

“My way of living is not comfortable. I’ve got so many orphans to look after sometimes I even struggle to feed them. Even sleeping is a problem — the house is just too small. We have to squeeze when we sleep. I do piece work to try to clothe and feed them. Like in the rainy season I work in other […]

Story 7 – The Water Pump 

This is the life changing moment in May last year when fresh water came to our Makangala Preschool in the Miyoba village in the Southern Province of Zambia  – thanks to a new borehole being drilled and a hand pump installed there for the first time.  The community has since benefited from training relating to […]

Story 9 – A Supporter Story

We had the chance to live and work in Zambia for many years, teaching in secondary schools first in Mazabuka and then Lusaka. Our children were so lucky to have grown up there, to have had that life experience, and they have such fond, happy memories of their childhood.     Jim and Veronica had the […]

Story 10 – Isaac

“Education opens doors to anyone regardless of their status in society.” Isaac, 2021.  BFZ’s sponsorship programme has helped change the lives of many children and their families. And, it’s not only about helping individuals to meet their potential, it’s investing in the next generation of Zambians who will go on to make a brighter future for their country. One such inspirational young person is Isaac.   Isaac […]