We had the chance to live and work in Zambia for many years, teaching in secondary schools first in Mazabuka and then Lusaka. Our children were so lucky to have grown up there, to have had that life experience, and they have such fond, happy memories of their childhood.  


Jim and Veronica had the wonderful opportunity to live in Zambia for 16 years from 1969 to 1987. They left Derry in Northern Ireland as a newly married couple, to go and work as teachers in a village not far from Monze, called Mazabuka. 

At that time there was a small but vibrant Irish community of newly qualified teachers in Mazabuka who had grabbed the opportunity to travel abroad and teach. Jim taught Woodwork, Metal work and Technical drawing at St Edmunds Boys Secondary School and Veonica taught English and PE at Mazabuka Girls Secondary School.  

A few years later, they moved to Lusaka the capital where they lived until 1987, before moving back to Ireland. 

Jim and Veronica arrived in Zambia at a time of change, almost 6 years after Zambia had gained independence from Britain. They never expected to stay for 16 years. Those years were some of their happiest. 

“Supporting BFZ helps us feel connected to the country that we still love. We cherish the stories of the children and young people that BFZ is helping to support. Our eldest daughter was born in the Monze mission hospital, which makes our connection to the place even stronger.


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10 Years, 10 Weeks, £10K! 


To mark our 10 -year anniversary, members of our trustee board and other supporters have taken on an ambitious challenge to walk/ cycle/ swim or even kayak the length of Zambia and raise £10,000 to help more children like Isaac. After ten exhausting but exhilarating weeks across 1500kms of Zambia’s beautiful (virtual) landscape, the team have reached their final destination of Mgapi on the Mozambican border. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, they have raised over £6000 which will go directly to supporting more children like Isaac to reach their potential. It’s not too late to donate and help the team to meet their final target you can donate here