“My way of living is not comfortable. I’ve got so many orphans to look after sometimes I even struggle to feed them. Even sleeping is a problem — the house is just too small. We have to squeeze when we sleep. I do piece work to try to clothe and feed them. Like in the rainy season I work in other people’s fields.” 

Clementina met Brighter Futures Zambia through the Buntolo Orphan Carers group back in 2011. She is a widow and, after the death of her sister and children, she is raising her orphaned grandchildren and niece alongside her own children. The story is sadly a common one in Zambia. However, being part of the Buntolo Orphan Carers group has helped Clementina, practically and emotionally. 

Caring for nine children is hard, but being part of BFZ has brought support and hope for the future. 

Clementina has supplemented her income with group farming, making BFZ Christmas star decorations and through our Good Goat project.  

Counselling training made possible by BFZ has enabled Clementia not only to help those in her care to manage their grief, it has also helped Clementia address her own. Clementina is very close to the other caregivers in her group. 

Clementia’s eldest grandson completed his education through the BFZ sponsorship scheme. He will graduate college next year and Clementina hopes that his younger brother will also gain a place on the sponsorship scheme to enable him to follow his big brother’s example and achieve a brighter future.  

10 Years, 10 Weeks, £10K !

To mark our 10 -year anniversary, members of our trustee board and other supporters have embarked on an ambitious challenge to walk/ cycle/ swim or even kayak the length of Zambia and raise £10,000 to continue to expand our life changing work. It’s another exciting week for our challengers as they have collectively travelled the 195km to virtually arrive in Zambia’s capital city Lusaka.  

If you would like to support their efforts and help us reach our target you can donate here.