We believe that every child has the right to an education. We work in vulnerable communities where households struggle to find money for fees, uniforms or equipment. Financial insecurity is not the only challenge that children in these communities face. Zambia has one of the highest child marriage and teenage pregnancy rates globally. Early-marriage and teenage pregnancy can lead to girls leaving education, and boys risk abandoning their schooling to earn money to support their household or to herd animals.

This pattern is particularly true for orphans and vulnerable children, which is why supporting them to complete their schooling is at the heart of our work. We aim to provide all of the children in our community groups:

  • Fees for schooling whenever this is required
  • Uniform and shoes
  • Books and equipment
  • Extra tuition for exam grade children
  • Access to counselling and Wellbeing support to provide holistic support and mitigate the risks that lead to children dropping out of school.
  • Belonging to the BFZ community, through our annual prize giving and Young People’s Day.

You can help us give children a brighter future and join the fight against child poverty by becoming a regular donor.

Skills Training and College/ University Sponsorship

We want all of the children we support to look forward to brighter futures, where they can express their individual talents and achieve secure livelihoods.
We offer post-school support to young people in our communities through:

  • Skills training in either bricklaying & plastering, catering, tailoring or agriculture;
  • Equipment and materials to launch their post-skills training careers;
  • Sponsorship to college or university for the young people who reach the highest academic achievements in their school education.

BFZ has supported young people in our communities to become doctors, nurses, clinical medics, teachers, veterinary advisors and to secure jobs in agriculture, retail, health and building sectors.

“We really want them to uplift their lives, these are the ones that will be the future leaders of tomorrow and we really want to support them” Charity, Community Group Leader , Caregiver and BFZ Wellbeing Champion

You can help us support young people to reach their potential and achieve secure livelihoods by becoming a regular donor.