The School With No Roof


Due to local demand Brighter Futures Zambia has embarked on a new fundraising mission to build a pre-school to educate up to 90 children in the village of Miyoba, Zambia. Currently, the children of this village attend two makeshift “schools,” one meet under a tree and the other in a church building, the two sites approximately 3 km apart.


Primary education is government funded in Zambia but pre-school and secondary education are not. Pre-school is vital for providing a platform for long-term learning and is proven to have a knock-on effect on the success of later education.
We already have some of the money we need to build our school through charitable donations and friends of the charity, we’re now looking for £5,000 to make sure it happens.


If we’re as successful as our previous fundraising campaign The Good Goat, and we exceed our donation target, all the extra money will go towards other valuable Brighter Futures Zambia charitable causes.


Visit and donate now to help us make it happen.

Many, many thanks.