“A story of success and sustainability, The Good Goat project has provided female goats to over 100 households and is still going strong.” 

In July 2013, BFZ raised £1,611 in 30 days to initiate The Good Goat project. This seed funding launched a valuable community project which continues to thrive today. As more goats are born, they are shared amongst the community. The milk produced by the goats provides income to feed, clothe, and educate the children as well as a valuable source of nutrition.   

This was our first foray into the well-established ‘pass-it-on’ methodology. The initial investment provided 10 families with a herd of 5 female goats each and 2 billy goats to share, as well as training in animal husbandry.   

When the goats have babies, the first few kids are given to other families in the community.  When those goats reproduce, they’re given out to families in neighbouring villages. So, this cycle of success keeps spreading, cascading out into an ever-growing number of communities.  

During crises such as the poor harvests in 2019 and the current Covid pandemic the project provides valuable support to many communities. 

The Good Goat is a project we’re very proud of. 

10 Years, 10 Weeks, £10K!

To mark our 10 -year anniversary, members of our trustee board and other supporters have embarked on an ambitious challenge to walk/ cycle/ swim or even kayak the length of Zambia and raise £10,000 to continue to expand our life changing work. This week is an exciting week in our challenger’s journey as they have clocked up enough miles to virtually arrive in beautiful Monze, our project base.  

If you would like to support their efforts and help us reach our target you can donate here. 

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