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  • Big BFZ thanks to all of you who have helped get our Pre-school Crowdfunder off to such a great start. The children of Miyoba, Zambia attend two makeshift pre-schools in their village, one meets under a tree and the other in a church building. We’re building a proper pre-school, with a proper roof so they can get a proper education. Visit and donate now to help us make it happen.

    Posted - a hour ago
  • We’re building a pre-school for orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia who currently attend makeshift classes under a tree, or in a rundown church. We need your help in raising £5,000 to make it happen. Visit and donate now. Many, many thanks.

    Posted - 3 days ago
  • Quiz time!

    Posted - 5 days ago
  • Share the buzz of quiz success while supporting a great cause! It's not too late to join us for our Pub Quiz this Wednesday in London Kings Cross. Prizes and good times guaranteed! Message us if you're interested.

    Posted - 8 days ago
  • Well done, well done, such a good class! And such good teachers! Our two pre-schools are continuing to run this term in Miyoba community, one in a church and one under the shade of a tree. Both staffed by two amazing volunteer retired teachers. For this rural community the pre-schools offer children up to age 7 a space to learn and play in an area where there are no other facilities for children of this age. Keep up the great work!

    Posted - 13 days ago