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    We visited our newest group Tubambane and attended their counselling session. It was exciting to see the new ideas learnt at the training implemented and the session was great! We discussed the importance of knowing your extended family and building a social network. Then we had fun finding out about each other - although the children were quite frankly a little put off by my favourite food: sushi. They'd much prefer nshima and chicken. There was of course also time to play with everyone getting stuck in (and quite competitive)!

    Posted - 10 hours ago
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    We are delighted to announce that the BFZ stall is returning to London next week! We will be at Open The Gate's African market in Old Spitalfields on Saturday the 27th May from 11am to 5pm. All the money will go towards brightening children's futures and each gift has been lovingly hand made by our own Zambian carers. What more of an excuse do you need? For more information, please visit or email

    Posted - 3 days ago
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    Yesterday we held a best practice sharing workshop for all the carers who run the weekly child counselling sessions. It was well attended and we had a really great day with everyone participating enthusiastically in group activities and the discussion. We covered basics such as what counselling is and the purpose of it, and all the women contributed their own ideas of what successful counselling is. We gave some tips on how session can be improved and enjoyed some role playing where they could try it out in front of everyone. At the end of the day, everyone seemed to have learnt something new and were all keen to try things out back in their communities. And of course a gathering here in Zambia is not complete without a hearty and delicious nshima lunch!

    Posted - 5 days ago
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    We visited our two groups based around Miyoba to discuss their well attended pre-school groups that need a permanent structure and also some materials. We met with the local committee who is working on this to see how we can help. We also made a little detour to look at the keyhole garden they made with the help of my colleagues while I was on holiday- it looks great! Our visit was finished off with a delicious lunch at Edith's. And although the women here make it look so easy to carry things on their head, it certainly is not!

    Posted - 7 days ago
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    It is not all work here in Zambia; I have also had time to explore a small part of this beautiful country. I went to the amazingly stunning Victoria Falls, met some baboons and gazed at the sunset. If you are looking for a holiday destination then this could be it! (And you could also include a visit to the communities around Monze who would welcome you with open arms :-) ) Susanne

    Posted - 14 days ago