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    "We thank the BFZ sponsors for the help and financial support you lend to our groups we have. We are really grateful and ask for God's blessings to be upon you always. Continue withe same spirit because counselling has helped the children a lot in terms of behaviour. Thank you." A touching message written by Viator Bubala. Just £20 can give 20 children a place in group counselling that will transform their present and brighten their futures. Please visit to learn more.

    Posted - 15 hours ago
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    Update from Susanne: I went on my first project visit at the weekend in Manungu compound and the children had prepared some lovely songs, dances and short plays for me. They also told me about all the things they have learnt in the counselling sessions such as child rights, child abuse, how to deal with loss and caring for those affected with HIV and Aids. They are all enjoying school and the group was full of aspiring doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers. As I am originally from Sweden we discussed cultural differences and I told them all about snow and how to have snowball fights and make snow angels which raised some eyebrows and got some laughs. The day ended with a delicious lunch.

    Posted - 15 days ago
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    This is Faustina, a BFZ volunteer and carer, leading one of our counselling sessions in Manungu. We are showing the love for all our fabulous carers this #worldhealthday who give vital child and youth counselling sessions in our 7 community groups.

    Posted - 18 days ago
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    Hi. I am Susanne, and have just arrived in Monze where I will be volunteering with BFZ for the next three months. I have had the warmest welcome possible from my colleagues Sister Joyce, Viator and Clara who even provided a handmade map so I can find my way around! :-) I am very much looking forward to going on my first project visit tomorrow and my Tonga is coming along (if somewhat slowly...). Twalumba!

    Posted - 24 days ago
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    Ever fancied being the proud owner of a custom-made steel bike? Our friends at Starling Cycles are running a build list lottery and for every entry they are donating £10 to BFZ! Thanks Starling Cycles! Take a look at their page for further details

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    Posted - 25 days ago